Grand Central was approached by Wines of South Africa (WOSA) to produce a campaign capable of increasing the awareness of South African wine to existing and new UK audiences, with a view to specifically obtaining more sign-ups to their newsletter and more followers on social media.

Wines of South Africa is a not for profit organisation that represents the whole South African wine industry.

The UK is South Africa’s largest export wine market and has a long history of drinking SA wine.


South African Wine Vine Online for Wines of South Africa

A key takeaway from the audience research showed a propensity to respond more favourably to a peer review rather than a professional, often technical wine review. Obtaining peer reviews would provide rich content for future use.

We created The South African Wine Vine to primarily curate peer reviews of South African wine whilst also gaining valuable audience data.

Grand Central chose to utilise the existing, already engaged audience database to seed a simple, initial competition entry offering a draw to win a free bottle of wine in exchange for some basic data.

200 bottles were up for grabs. Each winner was requested to return to the site to enter their wine drinking experience, the incentive being the opportunity to win one of four further cases of top South African wines.

The site was available on and through the Wines of South Africa Facebook page and passively asked users to like both the site and individual reviews.


The campaign produced a phenomenal result with nearly 14,000 unique entries. 6256 of those signing up to the optional Wines of South Africa newsletter, growing their engaged newsletter database by 143% with an additional 6,256 subscribers.

In addition the Facebook page received a 392% increase in followers, whilst the competition gained over 1,500 likes.