We hear it all the time: mobile first. Look down a commuter train carriage in the morning, our eyes are glued to looking at our palms. So in considering functionality and design for mobile and tablet we have embraced Sketch, allowing us to instantly create resizable and responsive artwork.

Available exclusively for Mac, it is designed specifically to meet the needs of screen designers with useful features and an intuitive interface.

Consistency is key for brands. Through the clever use of symbols: buttons, input forms, drop down menus etc, all shareable assets improve design workflow and efficiency in our studio.

Sketch’s efficiency is again clear when it gets time to share our designs with the client as it links incredibly well with our sharing platform of choice InVision. Invision’s has revolutionised the old flat PDFs for share of digital work. From the commenting system, great for client collaboration, to opening on screen and clicking through prototypes, clients feel comfortable they are getting the website they signed off on.

In a studio where increases in efficiency lead to more available time to consider and have fun with design and usability, Sketch is a tool that is constantly evolving to meet this desire and as a result, currently the go to digital design environment.

Andy Gregory, Founder & Creative Director, Grand Central