The design team at Grand Central enjoy all the lovely letterforms fonts bring and one in particular – Gotham. Which country a typeface originates from, which era and which theories were used to design the letterforms, defines the character of each font. Every viewer reads these signals almost subconsciously. Which is why when choosing a font for branding a company or product it is such an important process to have a deeper understanding of typography. Directing these subconscious flags so you communicate what’s needed about the company or product is where branding comes alive.

Equally balanced, with a high x-height and wide apertures, the Gotham font is friendly and approachable, which we used in a recent branding project that needed these also needed a bold and serious tone. Designed in 2000, Gotham has been famously used in Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign with the words ‘Change We Can Believe In’. Widely inspirational, the capable and solid typography cut through all other campaign messaging to talk to Americans across the breadth and width of society.