Designers are in the privileged position to be able to both inform the client and suggest processes used for production. Green thinking can colour all points of the design process.

There are a wealth of environmentally friendly printing options, clients are often not necessarily aware of the green choices they can make. Sustainable and non-toxic are both buzz words that can be mentioned at every project. Some may only think of paper at this point, but it is the world of vegetable inks being used, sometimes without us even knowing, that are making the design world greener.

Eco ink is typically vegetable or soy-based with more sustainable farming used. Just by the ink being made from farmed plants reduces air pollution by minimising toxic emissions and have such low toxic compounds, they’re also safer for the soil and groundwater. Printers are discovering that vegetable-based ink often produces more vibrant colours than traditional products, and requires less pigment to create the same effects. It’s also less likely to rub off on your hands. We are lucky enough to consistently work with printers who use vegetable inks, but it’s something our clients may not even know about. Here’s to making more green decisions in the future.