It turns out being bored may actually enhance creativity.

Popping to the shops, standing in line, sitting on public transport and dare I say sitting in the throne room, are all very necessary but repetitive and often dull activities. So, to alleviate the boredom we all pull out our phones and plug ourselves into a world of available knowledge.

Boredom in an increasingly connected world is easy to avoid.

This is a good thing…. right? Every piece of information available at the press of a screen! Walking to the shops you can learn how the early solar system formed, standing in line you watch a TED talk about the How Great Leaders Inspire Action and you follow that up with a catch up of the latest headlines in the little boy’s/girl’s room.

OK, so you may have decided to skip internets intellectual side in order to keep up with the Kardashians but either way you escaped the potential boredom of having to be at one with your own thoughts.

But is it killing your creativity?

Boredom allows your mind to wander. The relationship between boredom and creativity was explored in a paper from 2014*. Half the study participants were asked to complete a boring task such as reading the phone book. The second half formed the control and were not forced to read the endless Smith section of the UK phone book (no disrespect Mr & Mrs Smith). All participants were then asked to engage their creative side and simply come up with as many creative ways to use a plastic cup as they could. The participants who had completed the boring tasks generated the greatest number of creative solutions.

These results suggest that completing boring activities leads to greater creativity.

So, the moral here is to allow yourself to be bored, save that precious battery, allow your mind to wander and reap the benefits of a more creative mind.