Made For Drink

Growing a brand in the on-trade

Driving distribution and retail engagement in the off-trade


Made For Drink is a new range of premium hand-made snacks from the Artisan Food Company, designed to enliven the crisp based bar snacking market and appeal to the increasingly discerning artisan customer.  Each product in the range crafted to complement a specific drink, inspired by the pairings of select foods and drinks of local cultures from different regions.

Founder Dan Featherstone, wanted to create the perfect social ‘moment’ that is created by enjoying the perfect food, with the perfect drink and the perfect company.

We identified that these ‘moments’ varied for individuals, however one thing was apparent – the pub was the hub. Our approach was to encompass the ‘moment’ as a feeling, placing a symbolic heart at the heart of the new identity overlaid by sweeping text that embodies more than a nod to public house signage and other associated drinks branding. Each pack has the authentic, natural and hand-made feel to strike a premium artisan standing in the market.

“People love the identity and packaging. It stands out for being simple, smart and sophisticated” Sophie Charles, Head of Marketing”

900% increase in rate of sale

Against target, meant that Fortnum & Mason’s declared it the most successful new product in their history

250+ high profile outlets

Now stock Made for Drink, including Heston Blumenthal’s The Crown and The Hind’s Head in Bray, Rick Stein’s The Cornish Arms and Stein’s Deli in Padstow, Waitrose Wine Bars, Firmdale Hotel Group, Partridge and The Wine Society

“These will change civilisation as we know it”  The Hawksmoor