Budweiser Brewing Group unveils audio campaign


Budweiser Brewing Group has unveiled a new smart audio campaign that will run across Spotify to promote its low-calorie beer, Michelob Ultra, as well as a healthy lifestyle.  The campaign titled ‘The Michelob Marathon’, seeks to capitalise on growing consumer appetite for healthy alternatives among those seeking to balance care of their bodies with an active social life. The brand is delivering personalised content to runners based on their location, local time and the weather before they begin their workout, with follow-up messages reinforcing this messaging during exercise and recovery. Each ad invites Spotify Free users to visit the ‘Miles of Michelob Ultra’ microsite from where personalised Spotify playlists based on running distance, intensity and location. See here for more information

How Avon is using social listening to streamline innovation

By looking at more than one million comments about mascara online, the beauty giant was able to come up with what it believes is the ultimate product. Avon has overhauled its approach to innovation by using social listening to create a product that appeals across demographics. The beauty giant launched True 5-in-1 Lash Genius Mascara in September, after scouring the internet for ideas to create a product that appealed to different generations and geographies.  See here for more information

At Channel 4, complaints are welcome

A cheeky campaign entitled Complaints Welcome from the UK broadcaster featuring a plethora of on-screen talent reading gripes aimed at them, is a clever, bold move to celebrate the brand’s identity. See here for more information

Purdey’s and positivity

Purdey’s launched a Positivity Check-Up tool to help Brits curate their social media experience into a more positive one. Research with over 2,000 Brits showed that over two-thirds feel ‘energy sapped’ with 53% admitting they seriously need a boost. The average Brit now scrolls through 300ft of social media content every day and checks their phone 30 times – and it’s not always a positive experience. Visitors can use the site to check their positivity rating on social media and read tips on how to improve their score. The tool is being supported by editorial outreach, influencer engagement and on owned channels.   See here for more information

Potts’ tackles plastic waste with stock in a ‘beer’ can

Fine food maker Potts’ has kicked off efforts to eradicate single-use plastic, pouring a selection of its ready-made stocks into an aluminium ‘beer’ can especially for Tesco.  Potts’ estimates it will save up to 1.1mill tonnes of plastic a year by switching to the 100% recyclable new format, to be rolled out from late October. See here for more information

Pizza Express Golden Dough Balls

Pizza Express launched a Willy Wonka-style hunt across the UK for 50 golden dough balls. To celebrate the 50th birthday of its much-loved dough ball starter, the Italian restaurant hid 50 golden balls in top-secret locations across the UK. The nationwide treasure hunt ran throughout September and gave 50 lucky people the chance to win a £1,000 gift card to spend at the popular pizza chain.  See here for more information

Cadbury ‘donate your words’ campaign

Cadbury is removing the name of the chocolate bar and the description to raise awareness of loneliness among old people. The bars feature nothing but the classic purple colour and the glass and a half logo on the front. The idea is that by picking up a bar, you are ‘donating them’ to help the 225,000 older people who regularly go a whole week without speaking to anyone. For every limited-edition bar sold, 30p will go to the charity Age UK. The brand’s broader campaign also encourages people to pledge to reach out and have a chat with older people in their communities. See here for more information

Domino’s took on London Fashion Week with ‘night-in collection’

Domino’s delivered a unique take on London Fashion Week, by releasing a limited-edition fashion collection, in partnership with luxury streetwear designer, Liam Hodges.  The new three-piece collection takes its inspiration from the world of high-end fashion, where comfort meets fun. It guarantees extreme relaxation, optimum cosiness and utter practicality. The Controller Coat is a cape with pockets to hold a TV remote, phone and gaming controller. The Boxset Blanket is a three-person blanket perfect for cosying up on the sofa. See here for more information

M&S brings urban farming to London stores

Marks & Spencer has introduced urban farming across a selection of its food stores in London as part of a new partnership. Customers can find a range of fresh herbs growing in vertical farming units in-store. As part of the new partnership with urban farming platform Infarm, the concept will be rolled out across 7 stores by the end of the year. See here for more information

London Essence Company uses flavour-profiling to make bespoke cocktails

‘Essence house’ offers cocktails matched to individuals’ taste profiles. The London Essence Company profiled people’s palates to mix cocktails that match their taste profiles during London Cocktail Week. Visitors to ‘Essence house’ were taken on a personalised journey through flavour to receive a bespoke cocktail that has been scientifically matched to their palates and mixed by one of the world’s top bartenders.  See here for more information

E.ON tackles air-quality crisis with 16ft lungs

On a mission to highlight the perils of air pollution in the Big Smoke, E.ON has erected a 16ft activation on London’s South Bank. ‘London’s lungs’ were connected to a live feed of air-quality data from Greater London. They fill up with different-coloured smokes to represent nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and noxious particles being inhaled by Londoners on a daily basis.  See here for more information

Gousto and Wagamama teamed up

Gousto the recipe box company announced a new six-month partnership with Wagamama, to help busy couples and families to whip up their favourite restaurant dishes at home.  The collaboration allows both brands to showcase their freshness credentials, whilst enabling Gousto to engage a family-based audience that adores Wagamama. The multi-channel campaign includes bespoke social videos on both brand’s channels, media engagement and influencer content from Gousto’s top tier ambassadors. See here for more information

Old El Paso uses conversations to power restaurant

Mexican food brand, Old El Paso opened a pop-up restaurant in which the diners’ conversation, chat and laughter were used to power certain elements – including the warming of the tortillas! Thought to be the first restaurant in the UK ever to be partly powered by conversation, it uses piezoelectric technology as a basis for the generation of electricity by way of specialist microphones positioned around each individual table. The restaurant was designed to fuel conversation on what Old El Paso named National Fajita Friday – a day they want to encourage the nation to sit and eat with their friends and family because a recent poll of 2,500 UK families they conducted found that one in ten families admit that they never sit and share dinner together. See here for more information

Sonic branding – making music from bags

An installation by Issey Miyake at the 2019 London Design Festival showcased the brand’s Bao Bao bags, transforming the famed geometric designs into musical instruments. Visitors to the installation can move the bags to make different sounds—based around a human voice, bird, drum, guitar, and a piano—and generate visual projections of the bags’ textures and shapes via sensors in the designs. The four bags can produce over 100 sounds, together creating a melody. See here for more information

BrewDog plays hard to get with hidden bar

BrewDog Distilling Co. announced a hidden LoneWolf pop up bar, which served free gin to anyone that found it. The hidden LoneWolf bar was concealed in a remote Scottish location and poured classic G&T serves. Daily clues as to the bars whereabouts were posted across LoneWolf’s Instagram and Twitter feeds The distiller’s latest venture set out to inspire the same sense of adventure and courage within its drinkers that it brings to the spirits world. See here for more information

Nestlé Launches luxury KitKat bars in direct-to-consumer move

Nestlé is launching its ‘luxury handcrafted’ eight-finger custom KitKat. Priced at £14 and available in 1,500 flavour combinations, the bespoke KitKats will be available to order via the Nestlé website or at pop-up shops within 30 John Lewis stores nationwide in the run-up to Christmas. There will also be the option to buy special edition bars, starting at £7.50, which come in a variety of flavours including gin and tonic, whisky and ginger and the intriguingly named ‘Springtime in Japan’. There will also be a Best of British range, exclusive to John Lewis, featuring flavours such as dandelion and burdock, Earl Grey and marmalade. See here for more information

Fitness First offer delivery direct to gym lockers

Fitness First gyms are launching a new delivery initiative which sends purchases straight to a customer’s locker. Powered by Doddle’s click-and-collect technology, Fitness First customers can now request their purchases from DW Sports Fitness’ e-commerce website to be delivered to a secure locker at their local gym. See here for more information

Amazon showing how it helps people with sight loss

The e-commerce and tech giant launched its campaign, with a TV ad showing how Alexa, its Versatile Digital Assistant (VDA), can help people complete their morning routine, by checking the time and the weather. It can also add items to shopping lists and set timers for cooking. RNIB has supported the campaign as Amazon offers training support for RNIB staff on the latest Amazon devices. See here for more information

Boozy sparkling water set to take the UK by storm

The drink – in essence, alcoholic sparkling water with different flavours – has taken the US by storm and is coming to the UK. White Claw the ‘hard seltzer’ brand, billed as spiked sparkling water at 5% abv, comes in a smorgasbord of fruity flavours. It has cultivated the kind of fan base in the US that most drinks brands can only dream of. Over there seltzer has become a booming category in its own right – recently reported to be valued at $550m already!  See here for more information

Birds Eye raises awareness of sustainable fishing

Birds Eye is encouraging families to explore how their fish is sustainably sourced, as part of a new campaign and an on-pack promotion across its Fish Fingers and Coated Fish ranges. More than 4000 Ocean Explorer ceramic plates and informative Ocean passports will be available to be won. Families will also be invited to find out more about sustainable fishing through the Birds Eye Fish Provenance Tool – a tool that follows the journey of a fish from the ocean to their plates. See here for more information

Birds Eye’s pop-up restaurant for kids pushes healthier choices

Bird’s Eye also opened a colour-packed and interactive children-only restaurant with a difference. Many parents identify their children as picky eaters, which can make it a real struggle to get them to eat the daily recommended amount of fruit and veg. But often it is just that the children dislike the way something is cooked, and they can enjoy the same ingredient when it is served in a new or different way – or environment. The ‘First Plates’ Restaurant in Holborn, tested this theory by serving up an array of vegetable-based dishes in a new, bright and child-friendly way to encourage them to eat more of their greens, oranges and yellows. Open for children aged 4-7, attendees will also be treated to a series of entertainment including a balloon artist who will create a colourful balloon vegetable for each child as well as an interactive play zone featuring a Birds Eye Garden Pea Ball Pit and more. See here for more information

Spar launches new app to send live updates to customers when food is reduced

Spar integrated with the Gander app to send live price reduction news to shoppers for soon-to-be out of date foods as soon as they are stickered in store. The move is an investment to reduce waste. Shoppers can also track products using the app and find out how much stock there is in their local store. See here for more information

Asda trials re-loved clothes shop

Asda trialled a re-loved clothes shop at ones of its UK stores, as consumer demand for sustainable alternatives continues to grow. For four weeks, the re-loved pop-up shop at the supermarket giant’s Milton Keynes featured donated second-hand clothes from various brands as Asda looks to boost its environmental credentials. See here for more information

H&M looks to boost loyalty with Music launch

H&M UK is looking to support and raise the profile of independent music artists and rising talent with the launch of H&M Music, which will also reward customers with exclusive events. H&M Music will sit as a benefit within the retailer’s digital loyalty programme and will allow members to discover new artists, access exclusive live events and receive other music-related rewards. See here for more information

Majestic ‘wine fittings’ and bottles giveaway

Majestic has launched a ‘wine fitting’ service designed to help create detailed profiles of its shoppers’, giving away one million free bottles to consumers who take part. Wine fitting stations rolled out across Majestic’s estate of 200 stores, at which staff use blind tastings of eight wines to create a personalised profile of shoppers’ tastes and preferences. The stores have also been merchandised around ‘wine colours’, indicating different flavours, to fit in with the system. The hope is to target new and younger customers with the service which aims to introduce wine to the ‘streaming generation’ in the same way that television and music services such as Netflix and Spotify offer customers personalised recommendations. See here for more information

Lurpak cardboard box

Arla has claimed the ‘first block butter packaging innovation in 60 years’ with the launch of the resealable Lurpak Butterbox. The coated cardboard box, which has a metalised foil covering on the outside, went on sale in Asda this week. Arla said that the packaging was developed following consumer research that revealed 45% of shoppers agreed block butter packaging was ‘messy to use’. See here for more information


P&G body confidence campaign for women

The campaign brings together 6 Hearst titles (including Women’s Health), which reach 1 in 3 UK women and the P&G brands: Pantene, Venus and Always Discreet. Over 2,500 women took part in targeted surveys, kept diaries and attended focus groups to understand how they think and feel about their bodies. The research uncovered negative issue insights which the campaign, entitled Project Body Love, aims to tackle. See here for more information

Diet Coke gets chatty

Diet Coke unveiled eight limited-edition can design, each featuring a phrase ‘people love to use to express themselves’, such as ‘Yaasss’, ‘Okay but no’ and ‘Can’t even’. Diet Coke’s eight new designs sport some of the modern world’s finest pithy catchphrases as part of our brand new You Do You campaign. See here for more information

Timberland is planting 50 million trees

Timberland plans to use its global tree-planting project as a chance to talk about its long-term sustainability strategy, which it hopes will help strengthen brand perceptions among consumers. The outdoor wear brand, which specialises in footwear, is committing to planting 50 million trees (enough to circle the earth 11 times) by 2025 in a bid to play an essential role in creating a sustainable future. See here for more information

Oral-B targets younger audience with Channel 4 tie-up

Oral-B has partnered with Channel 4 for a bespoke ad campaign featuring the stars of shows including First Dates, Hollyoaks and Celebs Go Dating to expose how much plaque remains on teeth after brushing. Hosted by TV and radio presenter Gemma Cairney, cast members from the programmes use a disclosure tablet to show the extent of the plaque and then go head to head to remove it, with one using a manual toothbrush and the other an electric to illustrate how much more is removed using the latter. Oral-B is hoping to reach a younger audience with the campaign, particularly those aged between 16 and 34, with the ultimate objective of getting consumers to switch to using an electric toothbrush. See here for more information

Pink Lady hobbies campaign

The apple brand has launched a new ‘Feel the wow’ marketing push, which will seek to tap the ‘primary hobbies’ of its consumers. Incorporating literary and musical elements, the three-month campaign will consist of a ‘Pink Lady Sensational Reads’ list, containing eight recommended books by novelist Caroline O’Donoghue – along with an influencer-curated Spotify playlist. See here for more information

Burberry’s new app lets employees text customers directly

Burberry launched ‘R Message’, a new messaging service which allows its employees to contact its most high-value customers directly.  The app helps these customers by making it easier to book in-store appointments, receive personalised item recommendations and buy hew products. The service is being tested at Burberry’s flagship in Manchester before it is extended across the globe. See here for more information

Hendrick’s Gin announces ‘ATM (Automated Transport to the Marvellous)’ experience

Hendrick’s Gin launched the second portal in their curious experiential campaign to bring the super-premium gin’s unconventional world to life. ‘Portals to the Peculiar’ is a series of multi-sensory events that invite gin drinkers to escape the conventional and taste the brand’s liquid through a series of seemingly everyday portals. The A.T.M experience in London Bridge, which opened for just 4 days, transported consumers through the portal to a world with rose and cucumber (the unique infusions) breaking up the daily grind and taking people beyond the obvious. See here for more information

Papa John’s bakes hipster vibe into a Nordic pop-up experience

Papa John’s, the pizza-delivery service, created a Nordic pop-up bakery in Notting Hill, serving cinnamon scrolls – a new addition to its dessert menu. It has a minimalistic interior and bears no resemblance to a classic Papa John’s store. The brand will also serve hot and cold drinks to accompany the scrolls, which are made from dough, with a cinnamon filling and topped with icing. The initiative was designed to reach out to new customers. See here for more information

Molton Brown unveils perfume range via scent experience

Molton Brown celebrated its latest, and largest, fragrance collection with a new pop-up store experience. The Fragrance Gallery Pop-Up, located in Covent offered a series of sensory experiences and workshops led by the brand’s perfumers and influencers, as well as its Fragrance Finder to help customers discover their ideal scent. See here for more information

Hendrick’s Gin opens townhouse for mini cocktails

Hendricks serves mini cocktails in a townhouse as part of London Cocktail Week. The Hendrick’s Gin Tini Martini Townhouse featured an immersive journey where the miniature is magnified and the sophisticated is supped in homage to the Martini, a.k.a. the ‘King of Cocktails’. From micro pianists to tini artists to a whole host of infinitesimally small delights including a petting zoo with pygmy goats, visitors’ senses were titillated by the world of all things Tini. See here for more information

Kiddylicious launches adult-style ready meals for hungry toddlers

Kiddylicious is targeting toddlers with an eight-strong range of ready meals based on adult dinners. The meals are ‘aimed at stimulating toddlers’ interest in food, encouraging them to start to explore grown-up food from an early age. The result of around a year’s planning, all variants resemble adult food. They promise ‘colourful layering and soft chunks’, with no artificial preservatives, or added sugar or salt. They are a source of protein and provide at least one of a child’s five a day. See here for more information

Baileys and Kraft Heinz non-alcoholic coffee drinks

Kraft Heinz has partnered with Baileys to launch a new range of non-alcoholic coffee beverages featuring the flavours of Baileys original Irish cream. The line-up includes ready-to-drink Cold Brew in cans, Roast & Ground Coffee bags and Keurig K-Cup pods. See here for more information

Shackleton encourages whisky fans to go off-grid

Shackleton Whisky has created an interactive map of Britain designed to help the public find digital detox areas in nature. The premium whisky from Whyte & Mackay is looking to place itself at the centre of UK digital detox adventures, by suggesting the most hidden, picturesque sites the public can escape to. In addition to the hub, 20 adventuring influencers are visiting the sites and embodying the brand values for their audiences. See here for more information

Gordon’s gin takes to the Thames for boat commute

Thames Cruises showered Londoners in gin when it launched The Gordon Line. Or, in layperson’s terms, a gin booze cruise, specially designed for commuters. Travellers were taken from Canary Wharf to Vauxhall and given a complimentary Gordon’s gin on board as well as a range of snacks. Entertainment came in the shape of a saxophonist and a live recording of the ‘Nobody Panic’ podcast. See here for more information

Sustainable beer start-up using its brand to tackle food waste

Toast Ale, which is made from surplus bread, has rebranded, dropping its sometimes “preachy” communication to better engage consumers. Tackling climate change and craft beer might not seem like obvious allies, but that is the mission of Toast Ale, a beer brand that uses surplus bread to make its three signature ales. See here for more information

Dove Men+Care launches video series with rugby stars

Dove Men+Care has launched a new video series featuring some of the world’s biggest rugby stars. Coinciding with the UK release of the brand’s limited edition rugby product Sport Active+Fresh, the series features stars from the eight international unions with which Dove Men+Care has partnerships, including England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Argentina, South Africa and Australia. Each short video features a player from one of the nations giving an insight into how they balance their career with parenthood, in line with the brand’s ‘Care for every position you play’ narrative. See here for more information

Greene King offers Ashes audience with Darren Gouch

Greene King IPA teamed up with cricketing legend Darren Gough to offer cricket superfan customers the chance to meet him and watch England take on Australia during the fifth test of the Ashes. Drinkers who bought a pint of Greene King IPA at a participating pub were given a scratch card with the chance to win one of over 90,00 prizes, including 21 pairs of tickets for the VIP cricket experience. Winners of ‘Goughie’s Giveaway’ started the day with a breakfast at a Greene King pub, hosted by Gough, the winners and their guests were then whisked across to the Kia Oval Cricket Ground, alongside Gough, to watch the Ashes match.  See here for more information

Superdrug curates urban tropical beauty event

Superdrug hosted a two-day pop-up with masterclasses and talks with brands including Palmers and Revolution. The ‘Superdrug presents’ activation featured influencers including Danny Defreitas, Trina Charles and Jay-Ann Lopez. The space at The Yard in Shoreditch, London, was designed with an urban tropical theme, with 22 stands covering hair, make-up, personal care, skincare, perfume and tanning, as well as Superdrug Mobile. See here for more information

Hellmann’s dishes up commonly wasted food items

Unilever-owned Hellmann’s served a menu of commonly binned food to raise awareness of waste. Visitors to the mayo maker’s pop-up at the British Street Food Awards sampled items created using the UK’s top 10 most-wasted food items, including carrots, potatoes and bread. The pop-up forms part of Hellmann’s headline sponsorship of the awards, which champion independent and innovative street-food traders. Hellmann’s will also donate to 8th Plate, a food-redistribution project. The gift will allow the charity to recover nearly 5,000 meals from commercial events, giving them to local food banks. See here for more information

Gift packaging

Simply beautiful packaging inspiration in the run-up to the gifting season.

Location-specific ads

A smart ad spotted near our offices, however as a watch-out according to statistics in Marketing Week from Location Science,  in September, almost 2/3rds of location-based ad spend is being ‘wasted’ because of poor quality data and mistargeted location impressions.

Finally some shopper activation we captured

Waitrose encouraging home tasting

Food pairing inspiration

Sainsbury’s nutritional education

Purina’s furry engagement with cat lovers!

Coca Cola’s educational display

Simple Heineken’s rugby support


Quality Seedlip promotion

A large-scale head office display