To drive purchase and generate excitement at the fixture and home, we have developed a fun promotional site for Becel in Canada.

Designed for mobile and desktop, the site incorporates various stages of the promotional mechanic and includes receipt validation, PIN validation, timed game-play and fantastic animations too. See here.

The promotion

Supported by in-store feature, the promotion running in Canada, offers Becel consumers the chance to win cash prizes, with a total of $1 mill to be won. They are first required to register and upload their Becel product purchase receipt. This is then checked and on verification, the consumer is sent an email with a unique PIN number, which they enter on the site to access the ‘prize reveal’. 



The ‘prize reveal’ mechanism is an entertaining cookie-scratching game, requiring players to scratch three cookies, against the clock! Lucky consumers who reveal three of the same prizes are winners. The top prize is $50,000 and there are 48,000 other cash prizes up for grabs! But every participant is effectively a winner because all entries qualify for a $1 off Becel discount coupon to redeem in-store.

The site build

Multilingual, we created the fully responsive site in both French and English to suit the Canadian market. It was developed to carefully adhere to GDPR regulations and has the appropriate security to facilitate awarding the high-value prize fund. In order to validate consumer receipts, we incorporated OCR (optical character recognition) technology to minimise client involvement, however, the secure admin and reporting facility allows our client to approve or decline participation as desired.


For the cookie-scratching part of the mechanic, we used a combination of a winning moments algorithm and consumer play to award prize wins. The time testing element of skill was added to comply with Canadian promotional legal requirements.

The site was built in partnership with risk management specialists VCG.

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