Extending the work of HeartMath, We Add Heart is a growing movement empowering people to connect with their heart and the hearts of others, to live more fully from the heart and to add more heart to the world.

As with all our sites, we scoped, wireframed, designed and built it. This one especially to emotively reach out to visitors; introducing them to We Add Heart and helping them locate their nearest communication group. See here www.weaddheart.com. Our creative execution uses colour and imagery plus animated background colour fade with parallax page elements to connect with and engage visitors.

In terms of the build, we integrated Google maps to provide for the support group location searches. And for our client, we built in CMS to enable them to manage the data directly.

For more examples of our digital expertise see here.

We develop sites as part of integrated campaigns for some of the biggest brands and promotions. For help with planning, designing and building your digital requirements please contact us at

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