The hype has finally died down and the last brands to the table have made their appearance, so we had a vote.

Having actively avoided the various poll reports, our votes were entirely based on the ads’ merits as we each perceived them. Strategic and creative minds engaged of course and hearts on sleeves.

In third place was Boots, its ad being so relatable to us all, a break from the norm  balanced with the look and feel that everyone wants from a Christmas ad.

In second place was the Ikea ad, leveraging that nagging itch of home shame that lurks within us, delivered with the entertainment of contemporary animation and rap, albeit less ‘Christmassy’. Our kids (of all ages) lapped it up! Good work for a Christmas first.

Top prize goes to Tesco, for giving us a good dose of Christmas magic – wholly centred around its products and their sleigh-van delivery – whilst heralding its 100th birthday with BTTF nostalgia for us film geeks. The only disappointment was that he didn’t say “Great Scott”!

Maybe it’s an industry thing, but we weren’t far off alignment with Marketing Week’s rankings, whilst being way off the nation’s choice to crown Aldi [according to Kantar], which was Campaign’s ‘turkey’. It was an immersive exercise, enjoyed by all, our only regret is having to leave Edgar out in the cold.

Best festive wishes to all and happy viewing! / 020 8546 0150.