Helping industry leader Panavision reveal two new hero products at BSC Expo, we designed and developed two visually immersive microsites.

When you have two new products ready for the spotlight you need to make sure your audience can easily discover everything about them and in today’s world that means digital, and in this case, two creatively designed and fully responsive microsites.

In addition to working in partnership with Panalux on two new product identities and logos we were asked to conceptualise, design and develop from scratch and in parallel two completely bespoke responsive microsites with the aim to support the launch of Panalux’s new softlight and portable power generator truck at BSC Expo.

From wireframe to fully responsive site… as standard.


The products

Cinematographers place a premium on properly rendered skin tones. The innovative LED Array in the new Panalux Sonara 4:4 softlight provides cinematographers with the highest level of creative control. With the Panalux Power h40 Panalux has specifically addressed the issues of high emissions, unwanted noise pollution, and even damage to the unit that would accompany any typical generator.

The sites

See Panalux Power h40   Panalux Sonara 4:4 

Both sites are the home and one stop shop for an eager audience to discover their new go to softlight and portable power generator, and both sites have lots to capture the interest of the audience. 

As our research and insight gathering phase showed, this particular audience are keen mobile phone browsers (as increasingly we all are), so we developed both microsites to be not only fully responsive but mobile first, ensuring every bit of information and interactivity was optimised for the viewing device. From this strong development foundation we added the core interactivity and animation.

Interactive features such as galleries, sliders and accordions are all used in conjunction to manage and properly present the amount of information required for each product without the sites becoming intimidating for the viewer to browse. Additionally subtle animation is used to create a flow within the site and importantly help anchor the viewer and ensure they always know where within the site they are.

Design elements such as custom illustrations on the Panalux Power h40 microsite help elevate the sites visually, but also to act as a method to help educate the audience about the core USPs of the products in an easily digestible manner.

At a technical level the sites were developed using open and accessible technologies, processes and standards meaning that, for Panalux, there is never a worry about maintenance and their ability to control the site. Paying attention to both sites at this core development level also means that the process of continually evolving them as both products evolve, will be as efficient, in terms of time and budget as it possible can be.

Researching, developing and releasing advanced new products to market takes a tremendous amount of effort and dedication and we are pleased that Panalux, a leader in the world of film, television and media production rental equipment, chose to collaborate with Grand Central to help deliver their new products to market.

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