Millions of prizes up for grabs in The Sweetstake® promotion developed for Mars and Euro 2020

The Euros event reaches, connects and inspires fans all around the world. The tournament itself dates back 62 years. Via The Sweetstake® 2020 promotion Mars was looking to celebrate its partnership with the England Men’s Football Team and the excitement generated by live Euro 2020 matches over the summer period.

What is The Sweetstake 2020?

The Sweetstake 2020 is an on-pack promotion running across a range of Mars’ brands in which consumers enter a unique code found inside their pack, for the chance to win up to £20,000. Players can play by:

  1. Finding their unique code inside promotional packs of Mars wrappers
  2. Visiting and entering the code at
  3. Watch two video Sweetstake scenarios that could win them big prizes. If the video shown matches the scenario they have been given, they win a prize, with one unique code potentially delivering two prizes!


Sweetstake 2020 and COVID-19

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the Euro 2020 tournament was postponed, however Mars were still keen to inspire and connect with fans, giving them the chance to win loads of prizes including £20,000, £1,000, £500, £20 and £5 in cash plus millions of free packs!

Mars was also clear at this time of national emergency, that communities and individuals needed more support than ever before. That’s why they made the decision to also make a donation matching the value of prizes claimed by Sweetstake winners, to go to National Emergencies Trust (NET) for its Coronavirus Appeal. This matching could go up to a total target donation of £500,000. 

Developing for millions of prizes

Sweetstake 2020 is the second time Mars have run The Sweetstake promotion and once again they trusted Grand Central to deliver it seamlessly. In the world of promotional sites, there are not many that will have more reach and impact than a Mars backed Euro football tournament!

The trust placed in us to take on the challenge of this level of build and execute it without flaw inspired and motivated the team.

Measure twice, cut once

Anyone who has ever taken on a large project knows that every minute invested in the planning stage is a lifetime saved once in development. At Grand Central we use of an industry leading project management and ticketing system for absolute efficiency. 

Any device, any time

With a nationwide promotion as large as The Sweetstake 2020 it is critical that the website is available at all times, to as many people as possible. To make this possible, we created a fully responsive layout which works just as well on desktop devices as it does on phones and tablets. 

Behind the scenes a database of over 100,000,000 unique codes and millions of prizes was designed to scale and to provide for the hundreds of thousands of entries expected. Hosted on an auto-scaling load balanced infrastructure, The Sweetstake 2020 is robust, fast and available even during peak traffic periods.

Further bespoke features were created for The Sweetstake 2020 to bring the promotion to life, including:

  • Dynamic page templates which change according to visitor location.
  • Video hosting to show various football scenarios revealing whether a prize has been won.
  • Various win mechanics including chance to win and guaranteed wins.
  • Prize fulfilment via email with unique voucher printing for in-store redemption and online cash prize claims.
  • Social integration and sharing with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Secure administration system to allow management of the promotion and reporting.



The only sure thing in life is change and at Grand Central we took it in our stride when the pandemic arose just weeks before our go live date. As a smaller, agile agency, we were quick to react and overcome the challenges that this created.

In conjunction with the full Mars team supporting the Sweetstake project, we detailed the issues presented by the Euro 2020 tournament being postponed. We scoped the changes required to ensure that the fans’ experience would be just as inspiring and addressed the necessary amends, all in a very short space of time.

We are proud to be delivering a multi-year project, of this scale, and in conjunction with one of the most high profile and inspiring tournaments in the world. 

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The site was built in partnership with risk management specialists VCG.

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