Whilst some brands, from start-ups to majors, have reacted to this time of crisis by freezing their budgets, some dynamic players have chosen to invest – helping to preserve consumer confidence.  We’ve captured our top ten favourites to share with you.

These brands have acted spontaneously and with positivity, to embrace the consumer behaviour changes born out of the pandemnic’s negative influences; from health and finance security fears, to travel limitation and the recession. For them, lockdown provides opportunity to change/create new ways to engage their audiences.

As we wait to understand how the ‘new normal’ is going to shape the future, our advice is to keep calm and re-evaluate your road map. Thankfully we’re fully operational, helping our clients to do just that.

Be inspired!

1. Cook-along with Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg the BBQ brand created Easter on your Egg Live on Sat 11th April on Instagram – a cook-along for the Egg community! The brand streamed EGGsperts cooking a complete Easter lunch, including three lamb cuts, with three different cook methods. The activity involved each of their product range sizes, as the perfect education and inspiration, complete with live Q&A throughout. #EasteronmyEGG.

2. Budweiser launches gift card scheme to help pubs

Budweiser launched a £1m campaign encouraging people to buy a gift card to spend at their local pub to help the sector. The Save Pub Life scheme aims to help the almost 40,000 pubs and bars that have had to close. Consumers can purchase a gift card from SavePubLife.com, with Budweiser Brewing Group matching the value of the gift card up to £1m. Customers can also email their local pub suggesting it join up. See here for more information.

3. Asics virtual launch

After global lockdown scuppered Asics’ ambitious plans to host global media at its campus in Japan for a new shoe launch, it miraculously changed its plans into a virtual reality (VR) reveal, to give journalists an impressive experience.  Instead of postponing or delaying the big event, it was decided to use VR to facilitate a tangible, realistic, walk through a showroom while interacting with sports scientists, as well as giving viewers a chance to view the shoe in up-close detail.  See here for more information.

4. Audi drive time

With the world confined indoors, Audi is offering a way to reconnect with house-bound Australians through the freedom of the open road. ‘The Drive’, a 4-hour long slow TV film was created to allow viewers to experience the soothing nature of a long road trip from the confines of their own home. It is an immersive road journey through breath-taking Australian landscapes in an all-new Audi A6 Sedan. Part of the objective was to tap into the zen nature of the genre in a time when people seemingly crave it more than ever.   See here for more information.

5. Black Chalk and #theBIGenglishwinegoodfriday

Black Chalk’s winemaker Jacob Leadley, posted a tweet to create a positive buzz in the industry and to engage consumers on Good Friday. The online initiative driven by the hashtag #theBIGenglishwinegoodfriday became enormous reaching 13 million by the end of the Easter weekend!

Several English and Welsh wineries took part, offering consumer incentives in the run up to the Easter weekend and posting videos, shots and hashtag live virtual tastings on the evening of April 10 itself. A number of wine media supported the event too.

Many producers reported huge spikes in both sales and consumer engagement over the period of the Easter weekend. The hashtag was mentioned 4,900 times across key social media channels including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by 3,700 users. At its Friday evening peak the hashtag was trending at number four in the UK. Black Chalk saw its sales increase by 295% compared to the previous two weeks. See here for more information.

6. VOXI leading the way

Voxi, the Vodafone network aimed at people aged 25 and under, lead the way during this period in creating video call-based ads.  The brand’s first ad of this kind was produced and shot completely remotely on a phone, for its ‘high-quality footage with manageable file sizes’, highlighting the phone’s capabilities.

The ad features a young man taking part in a series of social media trends such as baking banana bread, hosting a quiz night and having a virtual romantic dinner with his girlfriend.

The campaign launched during ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent and is running on video-on-demand platforms. We particularly enjoyed watching the making of the video!  See here for more information.

7. Secret Cinema’s ‘Secret Sofa’ in partnership with Häagen-Dazs

An 8-week Friday night home entertainment series has been launched by Secret Cinema, to help audiences create their own unique cinema experiences. They sign up for a weekly newsletter that announces the week’s new film, provides bespoke content and activities plus a code for ordering their favourite Häagen-Dazs flavour [via an exclusive collaboration with Amazon Prime Now]. Viewers are also encouraged to share their best #HaagIndoors images on social media for the chance to win a week’s supply of ice-cream.. See here for more information.

8. Edinburgh Gin’s cocktails from cupboard ingredients

Edinburgh Gin introduced a new 3-week service to help people create ‘the perfect tipple without leaving the house in search of more ingredients’. The gin brand is asking people to share ingredients from their fridges, pantries, drinks cupboards, or fruit bowls – following which, a master mixologist will turn them into a bespoke cocktail recipe to enjoy. Each week, fifty people are chosen to receive recipes and the five best drinks will feature in a ‘how to’ video roundup, to be released on Edinburgh Gin’s Instagram and Facebook pages. See here for more information.

9. Soap & Glory embraces ethical adtech to fund The Hygiene Bank

Boots-owned Soap & Glory is one of the latest brands to embrace Good-Loop’s ‘ethical adtech’, which allows people to make a charitable donation by watching or interacting with an ad online.  It teamed up with The Hygiene Bank, a charity working to ensure those living in poverty have access to basic toiletries, for the push which is running on Snapchat as well as Instagram and Facebook Stories.

Each time a user ‘swipes up’ to watch the ad, a portion of its marketing spend is allocated to the viewer, allowing them to unlock a free donation to give to the charity. Would-be customers are then driven back through to Boots’ own channels where they can go on to purchase Soap & Glory products and further donate to The Hygiene Bank. See here for more information.

10. Nationwide Building Society

Authentic words from real-life people are used in the latest part of Nationwide Building Society’s ‘Voices’ series. This time recording messages to their future selves in six months’ time, reminding themselves of life during coronavirus lockdown. In the above version Deana, reminds herself of some of the community spirit, helpful neighbours and good times during the lockdown. Another features Laura, who reminds herself to check in on her mom and to ask people “How are you?” like you really mean it, while a couple, Maria and Matt, speculate on what their forthcoming wedding day might be like.

Those featured filmed themselves in their own homes and the campaign was completed in a just a week. The ads also highlight the support that Nationwide is giving to its customers during the current See here for more information.

An extra one for the beauty of it’s symbolism

McDonald’s re-imagines its logo

The fast food chain in Brazil separated the two halves of its famous Golden Arches to comply with the current social distancing guidance, in a new social campaign. The fast food giant  is promoting its delivery and drive-in services in Brazil, while it has decided to completely shut all of its branches in the UK. In a similar vein, Time Out has temporarily changed its name to Time In!  See here for more information.

And a little something warming

Hug in a mug

Challenger brand Tea Rex partnered with handmade cookie brand, Wholey Moly to create a ‘Hug in a mug’ care package for loved ones and key workers. Each contains a fresh infusion and giant cookie. See here for more information.

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