It started with a sense of the unknown, both personally and professionally. Working from home 9-5, 5 days a week wasn’t expected to be something that we were going to be adjusting to too quickly. It’s taken proactivity, trust, collaboration and a dam good sense of humour, but, as the overly used term, the new norm, becomes the, err, new norm. It seems to be working

Twitter recently announced all staff can work from home forever and as more and more businesses follow this trend of offering staff working from home within their employment contracts, we look at the technology that has helped facilitate this.

There are some truly amazing tech solutions out there making our lives easier with online meetings, collaboration, browsing for your work, sending e-letters to single or multiple people. Below are a few services that we, as an agency have been using to help facilitate our new day to day.

Virtual meeting solutions: Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts

Screen Share: GoToMyPc, AnyMeeting and Team Viewer

Voice Share: TeamSpeak, Discord and Razer Comms

Chat: Slack, Discord and Whatsapp

Collaboration: Google Office Tools, Flowdock, Office365

Pair Programming: Visual Studio Live Share, Teletype for Atom, Remote Collab for SublimeText

A final thought. If you’re ever sitting there annoyed that you’ve just lost your 20+ MB connection for 30 seconds. Just think, it was only about 20 years ago, you got your first internet connection at home. Now try to imagine having to get all of your current workload done with either no internet or a 56k modem (charged at 1p per minute!). / 020 8546 0150