Humans are built for storytelling. We’re preconditioned to crave it from our earliest days to our last. 

In today’s world, it’s easy to get hooked on the proliferation of shiny platforms and tools, all promising to solve your every concern as a marketer, but let’s not forget the one tool that has always been the foundation of great marketing campaigns and indeed the brand for which those campaigns exist – storytelling.

The clues to a great story

Talking about shiny platforms, recently I had resurfaced (no doubt by a very advanced youtube algorithm) a TED talk by Andrew Stanton. Andrew is an Oscar-winning director, animator, screenwriter and producer. He’s helped deliver films such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Monster’s Inc.

In his TED talk, Andrew explains how engagement and connection are two critical elements in storytelling. Your audience must engage with your content, and connect with the characters and storyline.

I highly recommend giving yourself 19 minutes to watch and simply absorb what is on offer. [Note: the punch line to the opening joke is not for sensitive ears]

You see that campaign. I built that campaign with my bare hands!

Part of the fun of marketing is always having fresh stories to tell. Yes, this means there are new challenges but also new ways of connecting with audiences.

At Grand Central we’re experienced in providing campaigns using the plethora of platforms out there, whether that be driving direct sales for Babylonstoren using performance marketing across social channels, helping connect with and reward audiences for their choices such as we did with Bimbo Bakeries and Mars, or branding and helping launch new businesses to eager audiences such as we have with Made for Drink. However, with all our campaigns, small to large, each one is bespoke and handcrafted precisely because every brand’s story is unique. No brand comes from the same place, has evolved along the same journey and exists for the same reasons as any other out there. 

For example, listening to Cono Sur and understanding their story helped us deliver a record-breaking campaign for them in which we conceptualised and executed Cono Sur sponsoring Le Tour de France. This entire idea was born out of their vineyard workers tending the vines on their bicycles. Understanding Cono Sur’s story also enabled us to shoot and air a 30 second TV ad for them.

We marry the story with the best way to tell it, that may be a direct email communication but equally, it may be an original piece of content or partnering with a podcast host who also believes in the brand. Whatever channel is chosen the job is to express the same story and connect with the audience.  

It’s easy in the frantic world of marketing to be tempted to shortcut understanding the story phase but at Grand Central Creative we take a huge amount of pride in understanding everything about our client’s needs so they can trust us to tell their story in the best manner possible.  

We can’t wait to hear your story. If you would like help with exploring how to navigate the ever-changing consumer landscape, give us a call. / 020 8546 0150