As we slowly draw to a close what can be only described as the most challenging, disruptive and difficult year for us all. It’s been really interesting to see how the big brands have adapted their creative and messaging to capture our hearts, minds and wallets this Christmas. 

We’re bringing you our favourites from across the agency. The brief was simple, as a consumer, which of these Christmas adverts do you like the most?

Our top 5 are as follows:

Pick of the pops this year was T.K.Maxx. Ticked a lot of boxes for production, humour, messaging and a great tie into the brands USP’s.

A very close second… sorry. Loved across the agency. Pulled on our heart and humour strings in the right kind of way.

Maybe it’s because we’re being starved of one of the major food groups this year or simply that it touched on part of everyone’s growing up. Widely loved across the agency was McDonald’s touching Christmas ad.

Interestingly, most of the agency commented that Christmas starts when the John Lewis ads hits the screen. Generally agreed not to be a vintage year but still liked enough to make the top 5.

Up there with Marmite for splitting opinion this year. Comments included fun, frivolous and festive whilst another commented on Garry Lineker creative burn out! Nevertheless, it’s rolled in to make the top 5.

…and some of the other top performing ads reviewed this year as part of the process, in no particular order:

So there’s we have it, this years top pick in our collective view. / 020 8546 0150