In light of the new James Bond film, we’ve seen some strong official partnerships capitalising off the iconic creative. We’ve also noticed September has been a great month for large-scale activations using the latest technologies and stand-out creative.

The Botanist – Grow Your Own Garnish

A personal gift with purchase to elevate the brand’s botanical roots.

  • Lovely free gift with purchase.
  • Giftpack houses The Botanist bottle in a tin planter with a ’matchbook’ of seeds for one of the Islay-native botanicals that make up the gin’s recipe.
  • Instore promotion supported by adverts across national newspapers.

19 Crimes – win £1,000

Leveraging the brand story and cork authenticity creating strong engagement.

  • To win participants had to find a ’19’ stamped cork but there was also a no purchase necessary option for those living in Northern Ireland.
  • 210 prizes to be won: 10 x £1000, 200 x £100.
  • Retail promotion supported with a social media campaign.
  • 19 Crimes also opened a pop-up tattoo parlour in Shoreditch, London, where 19 Crimes enthusiasts could get a free tattoo from leading tattoo artists.

Coke and SMEG

A collaboration between two iconic brand to drive purchase and add aspirational value.

  • Diet Coke and SMEG teamed up to giveaway limited edition fridges.
  • There’s a total of 35 fridges to be won throughout the promotional period, 1 per day, and 2,100 instant win neoprene can coolers.
  • Promotion is running across all the major grocers and convenience stores.

The Guinness Kitchen – Tastes Better Together

Tactical partnerships and imagery to drive association with food occasions.

  • The promotion encourages purchase by connecting Guinness to various foods.
  • Guinness have a dedicated section on their website with recipes and food pairings, inspiring consumers with different ways to use Guinness.
  • Aisle fin and strategic on-shelf placement instantly draw consumers to both Guinness and the food pairing via taste appeal.

The Handbook & Most Wanted Wines

Attractive social occasions incentive to build a customer database.

  • Interesting collaboration with an online guide to urban food and drink lifestyle, The Handbook.
  • The promotion includes one big prize of two Party Packs of Most Wanted Sauvignon Blanc cans, six bottles of wine and £150 gift voucher for Dishpatch restaurant delivery service.
  • Five runners up with receive a gift box of four cans of Sauvignon Blanc.
  • You can’t enter the competition without signing up to the mailing list.

Tailormade ‘Home Dining Experience’ promotions

Continuing with the lockdown theme –  bringing the restaurant experience to the home to drive trial with taste inspiration.

  • Loyd Grossman partnered with Sainsbury’s to offer 4 at home dining experiences. To enter, participants have to complete an online survey where they choose the ingredients for their ideal sauce.
  • The 4 winners will have a professional chef attending their home to cook a meal for the winner and three guests.
  • Sharwood’s partnered with Waitrose to offer one winner a dinner party experience with a private chef for up to 6 people. 5 runners up will receive a hamper for two.

SCHUH – Sneaker Hunt

Immersive gamification experience with broad appeal to build a sense of community.

  • Footwear retailer Schuh launched the Sneaker Hunt to celebrate its 40th birthday.
  • More than 40,000 prizes were available to be won including holidays, surf lessons and free trainers for a year.
  • Schuh hid QR codes in its stores and cities, along with hero activity in five locations in the form of digital shoeboxes via AR technology. Participants used AR technology to find the boxes and win prizes.
  • The motivation behind the sneaker hunt was to give something back to the community, while also offering an experience to encourage students and families to adventure outside.

Kraken – Release the Beast

Disruptive creative for social media-worthy moments increasing brand visibility.

  • Hugely effective campaign visually.
  • Kraken has re-released ‘The Kraken’, a mythical giant squid-like sea monster.
  • The effect of the cleverly designed vinyl gives the impression that the creature is crushing the buses or coming out of posters.
  • The campaign is supported across social media channels and Kraken has also brought out an exclusive bottle.

Heinz – Seeded Label

Ultimate delivery of the natural growing process increases awareness of product naturalness and quality values.

  • Heinz has created a ‘plantable’ label for consumers in Brazil, containing tomato seeds, to remind consumers where ketchup comes from!
  • Every month, Heinz will ask consumers who bought one of the labels to post a picture of their tomato plant. If the plant is growing as it should, the consumer will be awarded a restaurant discount.

Talisker & Parley

Use of bold illustrations to leverage charity partnership to drive sustainability, value and effort.

  • Really nice, stand out FSDU with attractive illustrations.
  • Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made beside the sea on the shores of the Isle of Skye and Parley is the network where creators, thinkers, and leaders come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans and to collaborate on projects that can end their destruction.
  • The collaboration has its own platform for people to learn more and contribute towards the initiative


007 campaigns are very much focused on official partnerships

Some are tasteful and some less so…

Heineken – There’s No Time to Die

Capitalise on iconic creative with a simple offer at time of launch leveraging of off official partner status.

  • Heineken is the official beer partner for the James Bond franchise.
  • The in-store activations are supported by videos and photos featuring Daniel Craig.
  • Television advertising features Bond choosing Heineken Original or, when he’s ‘working’, alcohol-free Heineken 0.0
  • The promotion really stands out in-store with the enclosing aisle fins and free pint glass as a gift with purchase.

Joe & Seph’s – Official Popcorn of 007

Smart special edition product plus money can’t buy prize for competition.

  • Joe & Seph’s have encapsulated Bond’s famously favorite cocktail ‘the Dry Martini’ in popcorn form.
  • Popcorn is stocked in cinemas and gourmet eateries across Europe.
  • For the competition 1 winner will win a signed NO TIME TO DIE poster and 6 months’ worth of Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn. 2 runners up will win a 007 Dry Martini Gourmet Popcorn pouch.


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