The Brief

Build on the previous year’s successful campaign and continue to drive distribution and awareness of Cono Sur Bicicleta. Create a campaign to premium’ize the brand and strengthen the awareness of the brand as an official sponsor of Le Tour de France.

Cono Sur 2016 Official Wine of Le Tour De France Limited Edition Label Bottle

Our Approach

For the 103rd Tour,  we looked at the history and culture of cycling and found that ‘art‘ has and does play a huge part of the way Le Tour is recorded and remembered. Research revealed that there are a large number of artists who specialise in capturing images of cycling, offering their own unique take on riders, teams, stages, climbs and Tour culture.

We decided to procure a specialist artist to create 103 Limited Edition prints for Cono Sur, which in turn would become a Limited Edition label.


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Le Tour de France

Tapping into this love of Tour related ‘art’ we commissioned acclaimed cycling artist, Eliza Southwood, to create a limited edition design that would appear on the Bicicleta bottle label. Using Pinot Noir as the hero Eliza took colour cues from existing packaging to create a cycling landscape reminiscent of a Tour stage. Complete with a lead cyclist and chasing peloton, the landscape allows the viewer to decide whether they are in Chile or France.

Cono Sur 2016 - Art by Eliza Southwood

A Limited Edition

Taking the finished ‘piece’ we then had the task of designing a label, case and POS that would showcase the ‘art’, provide stand out on shelf and of course still provide recognition of the existing label to loyal consumers.

Eliza worked with the colour palettes of each varietal to provide seven different colourways of the ‘art’ that could be used to highlight the different characteristics of each wine. 

To launch the ‘art’ amongst the industry we created 103 bespoke gift boxes. This allowed us to highlight the art, showcase the two of the hero Cono Sur Bicicleta varietals and gift, each recipient an original, signed screenprint of Eliza’s art.

Driving awareness

Reaching our audience was key to the success of the campaign. We needed to catch the consumer when they were in the ‘wine’ state of mind and in a place where they had time to think. After consideration of the media landscape we selected to use London Underground Cross-Track advertising. With an average dwell time of 3 mins it provided the perfect platform to tell the Cono Sur brand story and of course to highlight the Limited Edition bottle and art. A mix of 16-sheets, 48-sheets and a Landmark media placement at Holborn station were used at over 150 sites during the key weeks Le Tour was being raced.

To raise awareness outside of London we used Facebook to tell the story behind the creation of ‘art’. Using Eliza we took a ‘behind the scenes’ look at her sources of inspiration and the journey of making a masterpiece from sketch to screenprint.

The Results

With the bottles only just on the shelves, it’s a little too early for results but early predictions look great. We will publish results as soon as they are available.


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