The Brief

Made For Drink is on a mission to make the snacks in your local bar as interesting, tempting and delicious as the premium craft drinks on offer behind the bar.

The aim is to build a business serving the Top 1,000 pubs, bars and hotels in the UK with a premium snack offering.

Initially launching with Duck Fritons and Chorizo Thins, the business needed an identity and packaging to match the exciting product range.

Our Approach

We started by creating a love mark, quite literally. Our new heart inspired logo is designed to represent the perfect pairing of the product with the associated drinks they are designed to complement. It forms the iconic background to the logo overlaid by sweeping text that embodies more than a nod to public house signage and other associated drinks branding.

Everything from the choice of base packaging, the limited palette to the simple and bold design and illustration has been designed to strike a premium standing in a market dominated by less premium ‘grab bag’ products.

The products define Made for Drink. Their quirky and intriguing names standout against the craft packaging backed by iconic and simplified imagery linked to the product inside.

The Made for Drink brand takes on the colour of the product as a homage to the perfect marriage of snack and drink.




Branding, Packaging, Design, Digital

Made For Drink

Inspired by different drinking cultures from around the world, Made For Drink are premium bar snacks that pair beautifully with drink.

“These will change civilization as we know it!” – Richard H Turner, Co-Founder of Hawksmoor


Initial listings include: Fortnum & Masons, The Crown at Bray, Rick Stein and Snack Revolution.


Products can also be brought direct from

Observer FoodMonthly Awards

We were delighted to be selected to have our (very morish) Chorizo Thins showcased in the Observer Food Monthly Awards.


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