The Brief

Develop a strategy and positioning for the brand to continue the unrivaled growth within the wine category.

Define and target the Trivento audience.

Target 5% growth on volume and value.


Our Approach

We needed a plan. Our previous 3 years of leveraging the rights to Premiership Rugby as the official wine, had worked wonders but, had come to a natural plateau. We needed a new idea and positioning that could accelerate the brand capturing retailers, shoppers and consumers hearts, minds and taste buds.

Our idea was unique and could be leveraged throughout the majority of the year. Something that could add value to the category and drive retailer interest.

We created a proposition that was instantly recognisable and clear to our 3 core audience groups; retailer, shopper and consumer. We created: Trivento Official Wine of BBQ. Our aim was not to patronise our audience with boring cliched recipe ideas, but empower them through tips and easy to remember pieces of information.


40.3% Value Growth


42.2% Volume Growth


Number 1 Malbec


Number 1 Argentine Wine

Cross Track Media Campaign

We identified our core consumer as Trivento Man. Confident and social, 30 something city dwellers. They don’t want to be told what to do but do like small bite sizes nuggets of information to be able to enhance their own social status. In a social scene wine represented grown up adult time, something to be shared with friends and family.

We launched a cross track rail campaign for 8 weeks focusing on major city centres. Our creative engaged and empowered the Trivento man to cook the perfect steak with 3 key tips.

The Daily Telegraph

Backing up our outdoor media was a series of 3 quarter page articles in The Saturday Telegraph once again targeting 3 core tips to grill the perfect chicken, lamb and steak with Neil Rankin. Our articles ran over a 6 week period and were targeted to optimise the bank holiday periods. We also had an online hub with The Telegraph engaging and allowing the users a chance to win a case of Trivento wine.

Engaging Shoppers & Consumers

We went live on 1.5 million packs with a promotion giving the consumer the opportunity Win the Ultimate BBQ Kit + 100s of other BBQ related prizes up for grabs thanks to a John Lewis partnership.

Our online hub registered more than 55,000 entrants.

Launch Event

Our launch event was designed to target the May Day bank holiday, at Neil Rankin famous Soho grilling restaurant, Temper. We invited 30 VIP guests for a night of a wine tasting and a masterclass in open flame grilling. Each guest left with a goodie bag including a bottle of wine and Neil’s 3 key tips on cooking the perfect steak, lamb and chicken.

Trade & Press Buyers Boxes

For anyone unable to attend the launch event, they received a launch box the next day. Each box was bespoke designed with wine, BBQ tips and branded BBQ utensils.


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