Purr to Win

Is your cat’s purr up to scratch? Our AI solution analyses it for special prizes…


Whiskas wanted to create buzz, sales and brand awareness.

They asked us to help them harness the wonderful connection between food, happiness, cats and their humans, and what better way to do that than with the purr? The promotion was initially developed for the German market however, due to its popularity it was subsequently requested by other markets and rolled out across Europe. Recently it has even made the jump to Australia - allowing all those Aussie kittens to get their position on the Purr to win leaderboard! 

So we created an advanced AI purr detector. As you do.

To celebrate purrs in all their glory, and let customers feel closer to their cats, we created a fun AI-based website. 

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Rate your Purr

Users were invited to record their cat’s purr on their phone, and upload it, along with the cat’s name. Once a purr was detected, feedback would be given – from a purrfect percentage, to mood analysis, pitch and frequency.

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Leaderboard and prize draw

Each purr would then go on a public leaderboard, and every successful upload would go through to a prize draw to win cash, free Whiskas products or fun prizes such as cat purr tracks or cat house build instructions. 

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Shareable results

Results could then be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Whatsapp, giving the promotion even more reach (after all, who doesn’t love a bit of cute cat content?).